Valhalla SuiteWe are a small European Country Inn.  We greatly enjoy the personal contact we have with each guest that books a room at our inn.  You will receive our full attention to every detail of your stay!

To Book A Room, you have two options:

  1. You can book ONLINE using the “Check Availability” link. Your stay will be immediately insured, and you will receive a prompt letter of confirmation via email.
  2. Or, you can contact us, using the “Contact” link. Give us a bit of information about your wishes, and we will take it from there by quickly responding with an email or phone call.

Through either process you will arrive feeling we already “know” each other and every detail of your stay will be addressed!

Cancellation Policy: Because we are a small inn, cancellations significantly affect us. If you must postpone your visit, reach us by phone, not email, 14 days prior to your intended stay to avoid charges. Allow 30 days for holidays and festivals. A cancellation fee will be charged. However, if your reservation is less than 14/30 days away, you will be responsible for any nights which are not resold.

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